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Booking Policies

Please review the booking policies prior to booking to ensure you understand the policies and expectations of the building.


  1. *4-hours of onsite security are included in all our standard packages. Additional fee applies to events over 4 hours at the rate of $40/hour and will be billed accordingly.

  2. All events booked 90 days or less away from the requested event date require non-refundable payment in full to secure the event date.

  3. All events booked 90 days or further out from the requested event date require a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the booking rate. The remaining 50% plus any additional add-ons (if applicable) will be due 30 days prior to the scheduled event date.

  4. If you need to cancel your scheduled event, you are allowed ONE rescheduled date with your current deposit/full-payment with a 30-day notice. More than one cancellation will forfeit your deposit/full payment. (Management will consider extenuating circumstances if you need to reschedule/cancel in less than 30 days.)

  5. No smoking is allowed in the building. You may smoke outside of the building or on the Patio (if rented). This includes any hookah or e-cigarettes.

  6. Due to COVID-19, we ask that guests exercise caution and maintain a safe distance between one-another. We provide hand-sanitizing stations in the lobby and main space for our guests’ convenience.

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